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  • Canoe Hire
  • Drop-offs
  • Pick-ups
  • Vehicle Security “No Worries”
  • Reliability
  • We make it happen
  • We make it easy
  • Use your vehicles or ours
  • Use your canoes or ours
  • All extras included in hire – PFD’s, helmets, paddles and drums & dry bags
  • Canoe hire $50 per day

The Nymboida/Mann River System is truly one of Australia’s finest freshwater fishing and canoeing destinations.Let’s all try and keep it that way. We support and recommend “catch and release” angling, lures and barbless hooks. Take a photo, not the fish. We will be proud to post it on our web site.

Mann River Caravan Park offers a complete range of services that allows anyone from beginner to expert to experience these rivers first hand. We make it easy.

Main Trips

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Mann River Map
A must do trip for any canoeist or wilderness fishing enthusiast.This is a 44 km 2-3- day paddle, but you could take longer. It has 3 level 4 rapids which can be portaged.

Possible arrangements:

A) Come to Jackadgery and we can drop you upstream at Buccarumbi. Use our vehicle $200 or your vehicle $100.00


B) We can meet you at Buccarumbi with canoes etc if required. We will drive your vehicle back to Jackadgery where it is secure and safely waiting for your arrival $200.


Our “Soft Water Adventure”
A good start for the 1st timer. Leave Jackadgery in the morning and be back in the park for all the park comforts that afternoon. A 4-6 hour paddle from Jackadgery to Cangai Bridge. (22 km)
One level 3 rapid which can be easily portaged, the rest are “1’s” and “2’s”. Pick up at Cangai $50 or your vehicle $40


Includes 3 level 4 rapids which can be portagesd
A 1-2 day paddle (27km). We can drop you at Ramornie or meet you there with gear if required. Drop off is $180 or your vehicle $90. Or if we pick up your vehicle at Ramornie and return it to Jackadgery $230.

We can also tailor group accommodation and canoe/fishing packages that exclude camping but include daily drop-offs and pick-ups
Other Pick-Up and Drop points include:
The Broadwater: $60 our vehicle / $40 your vehicle
Mann River/Clarence Junction: $200 or $100 your vehicle
The Gorge: $150 or $75 your vehicle
Lilydale Bridge : $80 or $40 your vehicle
Nymboida: $200 or $100 your vehicle
Other areas by arrangement

Return vehicle from drop-off points incurs an extra $50.

Please note: Our vehicle is a 4WD and carries up to 7 people and includes the canoe trailer.

To find out more or to make arrangements ring Curtis on 0416 227 999 Lee on 044 899 7285
or email: lee@mannriver.com.au

  • 7.5lb of Wild River Bass
  • 026 (2)
  • 028
  • 049
  • 53cm Clarence River Bass
  • DSCF0185

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  • 7.5lb of Wild River Bass
  • 026 (2)
  • 028
  • 049
  • 53cm Clarence River Bass
  • DSCF0185